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On LeBron James' Return to Cleveland: "The Best Location in the Nation."
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A note before you leave
Be sure to return often for updates regarding the independent film project "Lincoln Perry." There are a variety of none related projects in development that Antwone will share here as well. So come back.

Antwone Fisher is an American film director, screenwriter, poet, lecturer, professor, and best-selling author. Antwone is the writer, co-producer and subject of the Fox Searchlight Pictures classic film, ANTWONE FISHER. His autobiographical book Finding Fish: A memoir is a New York Times and national bestseller.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

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Cleveland Native Describes Foster Care Traumas to U.S. Senate Committee
By Sabrina Eaton, Plain Dealer Washington Reporter
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The childhood suffering that Glenville native Antwone Fisher endured under Ohio's foster care system has already been the subject of of a book and Hollywood film. On Tuesday April 23, 2013, it became the subject of a U.S. Senate hearing on ways to reform the child welfare system.

Fisher's father was murdered before he was born and his mother was in prison at the time of his birth. This news article was originally published on April 23 2013 at 8:31PM... Read More
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Antwone Fisher Speaks at Gila Ridge High
by Joyce Lobeck
Posted: 09/08/2014
Antwone Fisher answers questions about his amazing life from a full audience in Yuma Arizona. Click and read more from Yuma Sun article. It may take the page a moment to load.,[iframe]

The Huffington Post Entertainment
On LaBron James' Return to Cleveland: "The Best Location in the Nation
by Antwone Fisher
Posted: 07/30/2014
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I understood Clevelanders who declared LaBron forever dead to them, still I have my own journey as a prodigal son who once had to leave Cleveland in order to grow up, only to later return so I could discover my real story. Click and read more from my Huffington Post blog. It may take the page a moment to load.,[iframe]




Share you Heart Share your Home Los Angeles
Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services
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The visit culminated with a last look at the spot where the Terminal Tower is located.

It's a building that has fascinated me more than any other back home and I saw it too gleaming with new vitality. Wow I thought, my city, Cleveland, is alive again ...
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A former black ops commando who faked his death for a quiet life in Boston comes out of his retirement to rescue a young girl and finds himself face to face with with Russian gangsters.
Opens September 9/26
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Finding Antwone

Antwone has a book proposal for a follow up memoir to Finding Fish. we are working hard to find a publisher with the right sensibilities to publish his important book.
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Lincoln Perry

Directing Project, Lincoln Perry. Lincoln Perry was Hollywoods first black millionaire and movie star, and he was in 54 films. His character was "Stepin Fetchit".
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Antwone Fisher: a play

20th Century Fox Studios, and Antwone Fisher are partners in this venture. Antwone is in discussions to bring the play to the historical Karamu House in his hometown of Cleveland Ohio. Click here
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Casey Family Programs

Casey Family Programs and Antwone Fisher are partnering to create a unique website project, that will target and service foster youth, and foster alumni.
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Invite Antwone as your Keynote Speaker

To find out more information, and about how you can book Antwone Fisher for your event, Click here
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Antwone teaches in UCLA Extension's writing program

UCLA Extension ... As one of the nation's oldest, largest, and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers ... Click,[iframe]
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My Summer Friend
Audience Award Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. My Summer Friend Written and Directed by Antwone Fisher, Produced by Mykelti Williamson. This film stars Annie Abbott, Mykelti Williamson and Bill Cobbs. Read More,[iframe]
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This Life Of Mine
An Official Selection of the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival. This Life of Mine was Produced, Written and Directed by Antwone Fisher. The film stars the subject Mr. Leon T. Garr. See Poster and photo
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Directing Project, Lincoln Perry

Hollywood's First Black Film star and Millionaire

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Click the buttons above for more information!
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Stepin Fetchit
The Life and Times Of Lincoln Perry. Click play on the audio bar below.
Lincoln Perry

Antwone Fisher Film
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