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Wednesday, 02 September 2015

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Antwone Fisher Newsletter
Antwone Fisher is an American film director, screenwriter, poet, lecturer, professor, and best-selling author. Antwone is the writer, co-producer and subject of the Fox Searchlight Pictures classic film, ANTWONE FISHER. His autobiographical book Finding Fish: A memoir is a New York Times and national bestseller.

More information about Antwone Fisher: a play here soon!
Antwone is presently penning, “Bayview Hunters Point”.
Set in 1990s Bayview Hunters Point. This story chronicles the life of Michael Hill who found growth, hope and a new direction for his life in a time and a place where it wasn’t easy to find. It is about the good, the triumphs and the consequences of living life in this storied African American district of San Francisco. Better known in Bayview Hunters Point as, “Sucker Free City”. Jeff Allard and Geoff Callan producing.
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The Terminal Tower
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I spent a few days in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio recently and am always amazed at the revitalization that is taking place there. It is truly a world class city again.

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Antwone Fisher at Dockweiler State Beach Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey California. January 9, 2015
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Antwone Fisher at Dockweiler State Beach Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey California. May 16, 2015
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Antwone Fisher in San Francisco, researching the story before writing the script, “Bayview Hunters Point.” June 6, 2015
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TuPac Photo bombs at the Pasadena Chalk Festival in Pasadena Ca. June 21, 2015
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Who will cry for the little boy?
lost and all alone.
Who will cry for the little boy abandoned without his own?
Who will cry for the Little Boy?
He cried himself to sleep.
Who will cry for the little boy? For more of this poem,
A Self published book of Short Stories of my Travels around the world
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Last summer I began writing short stories from my travels around the world. I was eighteen years old when I first left these shores. Though I did not realize it at the time, I was embarking upon an eleven year journey, and an educational experience that would help to shape my life forever.
As I write these words, another ten years have gone by since I left the Navy. And yet there is little I’ve forgotten. How could I? I’ve spent hundreds of day of every season at sea, sailing sea after sea, and I can tell you that there is more than seven.

I became one of a million or more sailors who’ve passed through time, who can boast of requited love relationship with the sea, of days of clear blue skies and nights where the stars alone light the ski. To experience sunrise and sunset at sea is to experience the full beauty of God’s imagination.

I discovered that every ocean has its own unique personality, that the Pacific is welcoming, the Atlantic broods, the Antarctic is as silent as the moon, and the Indian Ocean, with it’s atmosphere of mystery, burns like the Sahara.

My eyes have taken billions of photographs of the countless scenes of my travels, travels that have taken me so far away from my beginnings and so far beyond my dreams. The image of my face is locked in the memories of many and theirs are locked in mine.

I’m beached no,never to see the world by sea again. But I know the seas will not forget me, nor the eleven years we spent together.

From Finding Fish a memoir by Antwone Fisher

A Boy Should Know How To Tie A Tie
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A self improvement book for boys and girls.
Chinese edition of “A Boy Should Know How To Tie A Tie and Other Lessons For Succeeding In Life.”
We’re pleased to share with you a Chinese offering of “A Boy Should Know How To Tie A Tie,” by Antwone Fisher
Publisher: Beijing Shiwenbooks Co., LTD
Territory: mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.
Language: Chinese printed in simplified characters only.

Blog Post
Appreciating and Allowing Art to Enlighten, Enrich and Heal the Black Community.
by Antwone Fisher 2/21/15 Click to read the post. The post may take some time to load inside the window.,[iframe]

Antwone Fisher on’s Stories Of Service
Recognizing the Possibility For More
I’m somebody who really benefitted from the Navy. Out of all the things that I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of, the Navy is the number one thing in my history. It was the beginning of everything good in my life. Click here.

Recruiting in the News
Antwone Fisher: Recruting Story
By Amanda Sullivan, R PO2 CNRC, OOP Posted 11/26/14 Read the story
Article may take moments to load.

Antwone testifies before U.S. Senate
Cleveland native Antwone Fisher describes foster care traumas to United States Senate Committee
A Website Projerct
Antwone Fisher is working to produce a website that will serve to entertain, teach, enlighten and inform those who are living in foster care, those young adults that are aging out of foster care, alumni of foster care, including those who were raised in foster care and are now senior citizens. This will be a modern, sophisticated, interactive place that will be available for their unique concerns and needs.

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Antwone Fisher to Direct The Biography of Lincoln Perry, Hollywood’s First Black Movie Star and Millionaire.
Starring Elijah Rock, Victoria Rowell, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Jade Waters-Burch and Vanessa Bell Calloway. Penned by Bill Robertson, Producer Brad Wilson.

Blog Post
On LaBron James’ Return to Cleveland: “The Best Location in the Nation.”
by Antwone Fisher
Posted: 07/30/2014
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I understood Clevelanders who declared LaBron forever dead to them, still I have my own journey as a prodigal son who once had to leave Cleveland in order to grow up, only to later return so I could discover my real story.

Click and read more from my Huffington Post blog. It may take the page a moment to load.,[iframe]

People always ask me what is my favorite Screenplay that I’ve written. Writing “TRAINING DAY 2” is my favorite and was the most fun script for me to write. I wrote it for Warner Premiere, a Warner Brothers Studios Company.

My Summer Friend
Audience Award Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. My Summer Friend Written and Directed by Antwone Fisher, Produced by Mykelti Williamson. This film stars Annie Abbott, Mykelti Williamson and Bill Cobbs. Read More
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This Life Of Mine
An Official Selection of the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival. This Life of Mine was Produced, Written and Directed by Antwone Fisher. The film stars the subject Mr. Leon T. Garr. See Poster and photo
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